More than nine out of 10 solar-ready homes and schools in the United States have not yet gone solar.


The new app-driven Renewable Nation and its “Solar Schools 2025” program intends to do something about that. 


The Renewable Nation app is available now on the Google Play store and also will be out shortly on iTunes. 


Renewable Nation uses the latest technology to help American homeowners and schools better understand and act on their renewable energy and energy efficiency choices. The core elements of the app are:


  • A non-commercial database of solar contractors and installers and the best in curated videos about clean energy and energy efficiency improvements and D-I-Y projects around the home.

  • Solar Schools 2025, a project of Renewable Nation, targets 50 schools a year to “buddy up” with schools that already have gone solar. Solar Schools 2025 is recruiting the first 50 schools for its program now and applications can be made through the Renewable Nation app.