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Here are some tips on making your video a good one like the sample above, submitted by Danny O'Malley at Auric Energy:

  1. Be in a well lit and quiet room or area. Outdoors is OK if there is almost no background noise.

  2. You will use a phone, tablet or computer to record your video. Don't hold it.  Have someone else do so or prop your device up and let it record … we can make it look pretty, so don't worry if the start is a little rough.

  3. Get your device up to about eye level so that you are looking across at it, rather than being hunched over … and don't put your device in a closed in area, such as a book case or desk that closes up. That just creates a lot of echo.

  4. If you don't like your first or second try, don't worry about it. Just start over. We'll make sure the right one gets used.